16 cups  Rolled Oats  2 cups Raw Coconut
3 ½ cups Raw Wheat Germ 1½ cups Raw Cashews
1 cup Sesame Seeds 2 cups Sunflower Seeds
2 cups Sunflower Seeds 2 cups Ground Roasted Soybeans
1 ¾ cups Soy Oil  1 ¾ Cups   Honey
2 Teaspoons  Pure Vanilla  2 cups Raisins


1.      In a very large mixing bowl stir all of the dry ingredients.

2.      In a separate bowl or large measuring container with a pouring spout measure the oil and then the honey and vanilla.

3.      Add the liquid to the dry mix and thoroughly stir together so that all the dry ingredients are coated.

4.      Spread in a single layer the mixture on oiled baking sheets.

5.      Bake at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes until light brown.

6.      After roasting you can sprinkle the raisins over the granola as it cools.

7.      Put in storage containers well thoroughly cool.

Yield is approximately seven pounds of delicious cereal.

COMMENTS:   This is the exact granola recipe used in Fayetteville Arkansas in 1973 as a product sold in various health food outlets.  It was made in “The Way It Is Restaurant & Bakery” pizza oven that was borrowed to launch this “home business.”   Approximately 400 pounds per week was made during this short-lived adventure. Hence the large quantity recipe! 

     As with all granola’s, you need a health food grocery store that sells bulk ingredients to find the necessary components for it.  There are really no rules, so do not be deterred if you cannot add precisely all of the above listed ingredients.  Add what’s available and emphasize your favorite items.

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