2-3 Cans of Pinto Beans (15-16 oz size)
1 Onion
1 Green Pepper
1 can of Tomato Sauce (small size)
2-3 potatoes (medium size)

Sa'zon (sin Achote')
Garlic Salt
Salt & pepper
cooking oil

  1. Chop onion and pepper and saute' in oil in a skillet. Add half of the tomato sauce, 1 or more Tbsp Sofrito, salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste. Cool until the onions brown slightly and the peppers are soft.
  2. Pour all of this mixture into a larger heave bottom pan, like a Dutch oven, etc. and add the cans of beans (don't use all the liquid from the beans but some of it) and add the potatoes after dicing them into small pieces. Push the potato pieces down into the beans so they cook thoroughly. Add one packet of Su'zon seasoning.
  3. Bring to a slight boil and simmer until the potatoes are cooked and beans are soft. The juice should be thickening.
  4. Add the rest of the tomato sauces and more salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste.

Stir occasionally cook covered a bit more.

Serves four to six.

COMMENTS: This recipe came from Amy Rivera after I pestered her to cook us some "Puerto Rican Rice and Beans." Serve with white rice, obviously! .

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