Round Steak - one large piece sliced thin or "butterfly style" (ask the butcher) or use 3-4 pieces of steak also sliced thin
2-4 lbs. of meat would be good.

Fresh Italian Parsley - a must Fresh garlic -- many, many cloves
String for tying
Olive Oil

  1. Chop lots of Italian parsley leaves and set aside
  2. Peel many cloves of garlic and chop into small slivers
  3. Lay round steak(s) on counter and spread parsley and garlic over it
  4. Roll up meat pieces and tie with string into secure rolls
  5. Brown on all sides in olive oil in a skillet.
  6. Put meal pieces into you already cooking spaghetti sauce and cook the meat in it for at least one hour or longer.
  7. Remove meat pieces from the sauce before serving.
  8. So it can be presented on a separate platter at the table. If you have also made meatballs or have Italian Sausage, arrange the 2-3 kinds of meats on a platter. For self-service.

COMMENTS: : Braciole' adds a unique flavor to the spaghetti sauce that is more elegant that the flavor imparted by sausage or meatballs. This is the "special occasion" meat dish for guests or special occasion Italian Dinners. The meat virtually crumbles or flakes apart after this long cooking in the sauce and thus the string cannot be removed until it is placed on the serving platter.

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