children's drawing of ben's survival pizza

Ben's Survival Pizza

1 BiBoLLi pre made pizza pie with "sauce" - usually a two pack.
Mozzarella - approx. half 16 oz. package shredded
Your favorite pasta sauce (from jar or homemade if avail.)
Oregano & Basil
Olive & Vegetable Oil
Salt, pepper, white pepper, etc...

Toppings: Onion, Green Pepper, Pepperoni, mushrooms (optional: broccoli, etc.)

  1. Preheat oven 350-400 degrees.
  2. Wash Cut and Slice veggies
  3. Stir Fry veggies all together in Vegetable Oil. Not fully cooked, but almost. Add salt and peppers if desired.
  4. While the veggies are frying' coat top and bottom of premade pizza crust with olive oil.
  5. Open "sauce" from bibolli package, spread in circular fashion on pizza crust.
  6. Add a few heaping spoonfuls of your favorite sauce and mix and spread with bibolli crap.
  7. Add generous amount of oregano and basil flakes to sauce.
  8. Add Pepperonis covering entire surface.
  9. Shred mozzarella and cover pie with it.
  10. By now the veggies should be chillin' on the stove waiting for you to finish with the goddamn cheese.
  11. Add veggies in a heap spreading them around to your taste, you'll probably have more than will fit, make them fit.
  12. Put the pie in oven for 10 minutes or so = until you see the cheese browning and bubbly.
         Serves two-four or more and should give you two slices of leftovers.

COMMENTS:  This takes about 1/2 hour to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. Below is an image of what could happen if you drop the pizza on yourself:

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